As I highly recommend people read the technique section, I will link to the profile page first:
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Read it.

You can download here (I already sent the file to mirrors long before this, so I will add those as I get them):
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File size should be 68.5MB, if our servers are getting killed, make sure you get the full file before saying there is an issue with the file itself.

Mod Manager needs Mods checked, Components UNCHECKED to see the mod.

We have a number of things in-development. The pre-release screenshots of the MR01 showed sharper logos on the car than you will see with this car when you are running it (if you look closely, that is), that's because the tech isn't ready yet, but the car is.

Template should be posted early next week.

The MR01 will be a part of a series mod we will release fairly soon, which will include another officially licensed track (Silverstone) and some generic 2012 spec cars (minus KERS) to go with the Marussia. Components will also be released.

I'd just like to take the opportunity to thank Marussia for their assistance and honesty. We have been allowed the model the car as it really was (and that is why you should read the technique section closely).

I also hope you'll join me in becoming a fan of the team, and cheering them in their pursuit of 10th-place (or better) in the constructors championship this year. I don't think sim racing could ask for a nicer partner.

[Sólo los Usuarios Registrados pueden ver este enlace. ]
[Sólo los Usuarios Registrados pueden ver este enlace. ]

Thanks for your patience while we got this out.

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