Changes From Original Release
New headlights
New brakelights
New chrome car(some teams use this, the car is very shiny)
New tires(Endurance, Sprint, Qualifying, Intermediates, Wets)
New rain light on the rear of car
New template(Car and rims)
Modified physics
Modified cockpit
Modified engine

Know Issues
Damage doesn't show on car status screen. It does say in the pit menu if the car is damaged though.

Model by: Stefan Woudenberg/Edits by Alex Coutie
Physics by: Knut Omdal Tveito/Pumbaa666
Sound by: wockesinger

Descargar mod: [Sólo los Usuarios Registrados pueden ver este enlace. ]
Descargar template: [Sólo los Usuarios Registrados pueden ver este enlace. ]

Chrome car info: Some teams use the chrome car(#27 is one you can look at), you can tell by how shiny they are. It's not an upgrade, so you will need to add a new team with Graphics=LMP1\lmp1_C.gen and Spinner=LMP1\lmp1_spinner_C.gen in the .veh file. To make it really shiny, the alpha channel will need to be white. Play around with the alpha channel to get a result you like.